Wastewater Treatment

With most municipal wastewater treatment plants across the country aging, and therefore needing expensive upgrades, there is evermore pressure to increase rates and surcharges. With nearly 30 years of combined experience, and association with several highly experienced consultants and equipment providers, Poseidon Engineering is ready to help improve your wastewater treatment plant’s performance, from minor chemical changes, to major equipment upgrades.


    • Comprehensive product line of treatment chemicals
      • Clarification.
      • Metals Removal.
      • Sludge Dewatering.
      • Biological Control.
      • Odor Control.
      • Oil / Water Separation.
      • Antifoam & Defoamers.
      • RO Chemicals.
    • Wastewater Treatment Equipment.
      • Oil / Water Separators.
      • Clarifiers.
      • Filter Presses.
      • Sludge Dryers.
      • Sand & Multimedia Filters.
      • Carbon Filters.
      • Tanks, Mixers, Pumps…
      • Controllers, Instrumentation.
      • Reverse Osmosis Systems.
      • Ultrafiltration.
      • Deionizers.
      • Complete Modular Systems.