Services Provided

Boiler & Steam Systems:

With experience in working with watertube boilers, firetube boilers, and steam generators, we can provide support in any steam system application. Plant surveys are conducted to provide our customers with the best plan in protecting pretreatment equipment, boiler internals, steam piping, and return condensate piping. We focus on looking at ways to improve efficiency and thereby reducing plant operating cost.


Cooling Water Systems:

Poseidon Engineering has extensive experience in the treatment of cooling water systems and their associated equipment. Each treatment program is custom designed for your particular application, taking into account water make-up conditions, equipment characteristics, heat load, and environmental restrictions. We provide the latest chemical technologies and automation that meets our customer’s needs. Most importantly, we provided unparalleled service that sets us apart from all other water treatment providers.


Wastewater Treatment:

With most municipal wastewater treatment plants across the country aging, and therefore needing expensive upgrades, there is evermore pressure to increase rates and surcharges. With nearly 30 years of combined experience, and association with several highly experienced consultants and equipment providers, Poseidon Engineering is ready to help improve your wastewater treatment plant’s performance, from minor chemical changes, to major equipment upgrades.



Although often overlooked, it is important that plant systems are properly pretreated prior to service. This allows for removal of contaminants that inhibit the performance of a chemical treatment program. Pretreatment can remove oils from piping surfaces, allow loose debris to be removed, and begin initial passivation that helps start-up of the chemical program. Without this, we often see bacterial fouling and corrosion activity along with iron contaminants.


Automation Control & Feed Systems:

Certainly, having a water treatment program specially designed to meet the demands of your system is important; however, it will only be successful if all parameters are maintained within the designated control limits. Most companies now do not have the extra manpower to run all of the required tests and make the necessary adjustments. Even if the manpower is available, automation will almost always provide better control, which results in lower costs. Poseidon Engineering can provide you with complete chemical feed and control systems that are safe, reliable, and easy to use, selected precisely to meet your needs.


Misc Services:

Poseidon Engineering, LLC is a full service water treatment company. We strive to assist our customers in all facets of water treatment, which includes, among other things; optimization of chemical feed systems, monitoring and control of critical parameters, chemical transfer and containment, resin replacement, and tower cleanings. We are focused on serving our customers and are confident that you are unlikely to find another water treatment company that provides a higherlevel of service.


Laboratory Analysis:

Having reliable laboratory analysis can often prove valuable in helping customers troubleshoot problems and provide effective solutions. It can also provide data in meeting goals and expectations. Poseidon Engineering offers a complete line of laboratory capabilities.