Automation Control & Feed Systems

Certainly, having a water treatment program specially designed to meet the demands of your system is important; however, it will only be successful if all parameters are maintained within the designated control limits. Most companies now do not have the extra manpower to run all of the required tests and make the necessary adjustments. Even if the manpower is available, automation will almost always provide better control, which results in lower costs. Poseidon Engineering can provide you with complete chemical feed and control systems that are safe, reliable, and easy to use, selected precisely to meet your needs.

Automation Control & Feed Systems

Poseidon Engineering sells and services most all makes and models of controllers and chemical feed pumps.

  • LMI – Liquid Metronics, Inc.
  • Walchem.
  • Pulsatron – Pulsafeeder.
  • Neptune.
  • Stenner.
  • ProMinent – Aquatrac.
  • Advantage.
  • Blue-White.

We also supply accessories for chemical feed, sample collection, water pretreatment, system monitoring and control.

  • Injection Quills.
  • Sample Coolers.
  • Bypass Feeders.
  • Blowdown Valves: Solenoid, Air and Mechanical Ball
  • Corrosion Coupon Racks.
  • Flow Meters.
  • Flow Signal Conditioners & Controllers.
  • Media & Cartridge Filters.
  • Water Softeners, Dealkalizers, DI, RO.
  • Tanks & Secondary Containment.
  • Calibration Cylinders.
  • Tubing for Chemical Feed Pumps.